Breathing Buddies is a collection of animations that help kids with calming breathing exercises.

Bayjou C, Divine P, Ella P, Erin J, Ginger S, Laila H, Lili G, Salima D, Sarah K

Breathing Buddies is a website that allows kids to choose their favorite animated animal to practice breathing techniques with! As the tummy of the animal expands, your tummy should expand as you breathe in, and as the tummy of the animal contracts, you contract and breathe out!

Many children deal with stress and anxiety and do not have a way to cope on their own.

We are giving them a strategy to reduce stress in a fun, playful, and healthy way.

We had trouble with the animations, which required us to incorporate JavaScript into our website, so we used online coding classes and sites like W3Schools to teach ourselves.

"Every time my daughter freaks out, I think about the site." -Teacher at Woodbridge Senior High School

Ginger and Ella decided to start a Girls Who Code chapter at Woodbridge Senior High School because they wanted to share their love and passion for coding. Our club sponsor, Mrs. Lenox, who also is the AP Computer Science teacher at Woodbridge Senior High School, gave us the idea to create a breathing app to help kids destress. We hope to inspire other girls to learn to code and use their skills to help those around them!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Woodbridge Senior High School.