Find free attractions in Boston!

Seyla P, Raphi K, Zayba Q, Sohini S

Coming into Boston? Forget spending all your money on Newbury Street! Instead, use our website to find activities to do for FREE. Support local artists by viewing public street art, immerse yourself in Bostonian history by visiting popular landmarks and free museums, or enjoy a picnic with friends at any of the parks listed. Our goal is to help young adults find places to go for free. A day in the city can be enjoyable for you and your wallet.

As teenagers, oftentimes we find ourselves struggling to find activities to do in the city that don't cost us a lot of money.

We created this website so teens like us could have a central place to find free events in the city in an accessible and easy manner.

We faced a few difficulties in incorporating Google Maps in our website, but we overcame this by looking up tutorials online and working together.

"Wow, I'm going to use this!" - Sinead M.

We are a group from the Akamai classroom in Boston. All four of us enjoy going out to Boston from time to time, but we noticed that there are very few places that are teenager-friendly in terms of budget. We were inspired to create an accessible website for all who would like to explore the city on a budget.

Seyla is a rising senior at Chelmsford High School who enjoys writing and is an avid coffee drinker.
Raphi, a rising junior at Concord Academy, loves to paint and watch movies starring Sean Bean.
Zayba is a rising senior at The Hotchkiss School who dives (and she enjoys pineapple pizza).
Sohini, a rising junior at Waltham High School, enjoys biking along the Charles River. She loves every flavor of ice cream.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Akamai.