Buy and sell prep books and textbooks.

Emma K, Aishwarya S, Rachel L, Sheryl M

Book Hook is a website and blog aimed at high school and college students. Students can sell prep books or textbooks that they do not need anymore to other students and can buy books from others at much lower prices than what can be found at retail stores. The Nook, Book Hook's blog, also gives advice on high school and prep books for students that want more information about the books they are buying.

We realized that a lot of students at school were having a rather tough time selling off their old textbooks and prep books. They were unable to conveniently reach out to people who might be interested in buying the books. So we decided to create a platform that would make it very easy to buy and sell books.

To solve the convenience issue, we created a platform that would make it very easy for students to connect with other students to buy or sell their textbooks or prep books. Our website, Book Hook, allows users to search for books that they want or browse our entire collection, making for a highly convenient experience.

As a site that necessitated users and logins, we needed to integrate Django with our site. As we were only allotted one week to complete our project, the integration was more difficult than we anticipated. We overcame our initial problems with Django by doing in depth research with the help of online tools such as YouTube. While our site is not fully functional at the moment, we hope to continue working with Django so we can launch the site.

We are 4 high schoolers from the Ford Bay Area SIP who are passionate about programming. We’ve become good friends over the past 7 weeks and have had some great experiences together during projects and field trips. We’ve also enjoyed exploring Mountain View and trying new foods, like ramen.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Ford Bay Area.