Body Love

Body Love

Kyla D, Mai S, Yolanda F, Taj'ne K

We wanted to tackle the issue of negative body images. Body Love, the website, is a form of an educational and motivational platform for people to know about what is going on with body insecurity.

The issue of body image is a major degradation of one’s self esteem. Everyday millions of people suffer from the detrimental effects of the uncomfortability in their skin/body. The effects include insecurity that leads to Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD), the body image disorder characterized by persistent and intrusive preoccupations with an imagined or slight defect in one’s appearance. The stress of one’s image is fueled by the constant portrayal in the media of how one’s look should be like and society’s implementations of the media’s portrayals. People who feel that they do not fit in the media’s standards tend to become insecure of who they are, leading to anxiety, depression, and maybe even--death. This is a major conflict that needs to be solved and we cannot afford to lose anymore beautiful people to the pain of not “fitting into the media’s strict standards.”

To be able to move away from negative body images, we must educate ourselves on what it means to be confident in our skin; which is why m group and I created a website promoting positive body image called Body Love. We want to provide people with an opportunity to receive encouragement, find aid, and educate themselves on the issue of insecurity and how it can severely affect one’s self esteem. My group and I accomplished this website using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, APIs, and Bootstrap.

This was a challenging project for many reasons. First of all it was strange being thrown into curriculum that the teachers did not know leaving us somewhat on our own. We learned that the most valuable skill that a person in tech can have is knowing how to Google. The coding itself was the hardest part. When something is wrong with your code it is hard to figure out what is wrong why it is wrong and how to fix it. So much of coding is trying to figure things out on your own which is a very challenging skill to develop. As a team, we worked together and fought through it.

We are a group of females from San Francisco and Berkeley, who feel that the media serves the image of one’s body in a specific light meaning that it glorifies the “perfect body.” Many people do not fall into the slim category and they develop personal insecurites and we want to prevent that with our site.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Autodesk.