Mood-based playlists.

Tania V & Giselle V

"BLOO" is a website that utilizes the presence of music in ones everyday life. We created various playlists to match your various moods, like angry, sad, and optimistic. We made these playlists with the intention of having new music to listen to as well.

People usually don't have the time or energy to be able to create a playlist. Some people also get overwhelmed when creating different playlists because of the amount of music there is in the world.

We have created a website to help with your everyday moods by making it simpler to find it all in one place already done for you.

We lost all our pictures from our website and it messed up the entire layout. We eventually learned that the mistake had to do with the folders and the way we organized it.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Metlife (NYC).