Save happy moments.

Isabella R, Yorsalem B, Newcarlis M, Sinead M

In order to always remember happy moments, you can write them into stars. Everyday you can add a new star as if it were a diary, allowing you the ability to look back on previous stars to remember your happy thoughts.

People don't take enough time to reflect on the good moments they have.

We're giving people a place to reflect on the happy parts of their day.

We had trouble coming up with an idea that was easy enough to complete in seven days, but complex enough to keep us occupied for seven days.

"I really like this project. This is something I've wanted for a long time. My favorite part is the stars because they all look the same. The fact that there is no way to differentiate them makes this project awesome. You can click on any star and a happy memory pops up. You might not even remember the memory that pops up, but when it does it brings you back to even better, simpler times. I also like the part where you can look at the creators' logs. It's kind of like looking at someone else's diary, which is quite interesting."-Hui S.

We came to the summer immersion program to explore computer science and to do things we never thought we could. The past seven weeks we’ve been working very hard to learn all we can and to overcome coding challenges.

Yorsalem: I am from Sudan and I am a rising Junior at Boston International High school.

Carly: I’m a rising Junior at Brookline High. I’m originally from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I have been living in Boston for three years. I love to listen to music and read comics.

Sinead: I’m a rising senior and I live in New Hampshire.

Isabella: I am a rising senior at Cambridge Rindge And Latin.


This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Akamai.