It's lit(erature)!

Ruth A & Danayt H

Our project is a website to find African-American literature and authors. You can find books by genre or author. It provides a quick summary and a link to Amazon if you are interested in buying the book.

The problem is the lack of diversity in the literary world and it's hard to find books that Black readers can relate to.

We are addressing this problem by providing a resource where people can find books.

One difficulty we had was making the page dynamic so we didn't have to create multiple files for each book. We worked with each other and our teachers to look up many tutorials on how to create those features.

"This project is a great combination of design and purpose. It does exactly what it needs to as effectively as it can and looks good to boot!"

Our names are Ruth and Danayt, and we are from Seattle, Washington. We created our website, “Black Books”, to provide a resource where you can find African-American literature and authors.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at EY SEA.