More donations, more help, more progression!

Ramisa M & Dulce M

Our website allows users to maneuver different impoverished countries using a map. They are able to click on the markers, which spread out on the map, and this shows the various statistics and information on that country, as well as links to different organizations where people can donate.

The layout of our website includes our mission, and the user can go to the map by clicking on, "Map of the Countries". With enough donations, we can create a pool of resources big enough to create a small difference that could potentially change the future.

People are starving and dying from preventable diseases all around the world. Child mortality rates are very high in many places, and as a result, children are left without a future and never have the chance to create some kind of impact. Due to the lack of accessible resources, people are living in unruly conditions and never being exposed to material that could help them in changing the future.

We can aide these situations and bring comfort by donating enough to create accessible resources to people who are in need. We created a website where people can be updated on the conditions and are able to be linked to organizations where they can donate and potentially save a life.

One of the biggest problems we had was with the Google Maps API, as well as the API for the markers. Google makes you go through a few processes in order to attain the keys, and that was the most difficult part through all of this. There was also some frustration when it came to linking things like social media and getting some of the features to work. We overcame it by continuously going to Google and our teachers for solutions. Through their help, it became successful.

"This is just the beginning to something greater in the future, and has the potential of helping people around the world."

Ramisa comes from Queens and Dulce comes from Staten Island. They both joined together in the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program hosted at Moody’s, and had one goal in mind: they wanted to learn the tools necessary to create something that would benefit people from around the world and build the skills for their futures. After absorbing all the material, they put their heads together and created a website that would create a kind of directory for people to donate to impoverished countries and create a pool of resources, big enough to make some kind of change. In each of their personal lives, they have witnessed instances of poverty and the effects that come with a lack of resources. Their main goal is to create a future for the youth, so the children can have the chance to create an impact. This website is just the start to helping many more people.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Moodys (NYC).