Be A Hero

Jia Yin H. , Erica G. , Rachel W. , Camila A.

Our project is a short game about a person who got lost in the woods and was forced into being a hero to help a village against the demon king. The game encompases the beginning of the journey through text story elements and gameplay. There is a riddle to solve, movement and interaction included in the game.

We wanted to make a good and positive game, and more specifically, we wanted to make a game that taught logic and had a story. It is great to play a fun game, and better if there is a little mental workout involved in playing.

We put a riddle in our game as a puzzle, a feature that we wish to expand because it gives a mental workout and makes the game something to think about. The story of the game functions to bring entertainment, but also shows an interaction between people and has the player help others.
Music credit to: The creators of this music pack

We had a problem using git to combine the files we were working on since we were using a software. We had to manually merge to avoid anything accidentally getting deleted instead of using git, which took more time and forced us to make sure our code could work in one file.

We’re a group of new friends who enjoy games, who started this program with little coding experience and wanted to be able to make our own games and programs.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at ElectronicArts.