Mayra A, Azusena R, Julia M, Marissa L

Our website is "BAP", which stands for Bay Area Protection. Our mission as high school students is to create better communities and greater youth involvement in social justice opportunities across the Bay Area. Our goal is to give people the resources they need to help make a positive impact. We want to help our communities strive and create a safe environment. One of ways we plan to achieve this goal is by providing volunteer opportunities. One of the features included is a MapBox API to help with finding volunteer opportunities.

The problem is the lack of youth involvement in communal volunteering, knowledge of their rights, and opportunities to get involved in social justice.

We are using API’s and other reliable sources to provide students with non profit volunteering opportunities, updated news sources, and information on local marches, their rights, and ways to give back to their communities.

One major technical difficulty we encountered during the course of this project was getting our API to work within our website. After we finished our main goals for our project, we moved onto our reach goal which was to create a map API that displayed volunteer opportunities across the Bay Area. Once we began, we realized how hard it is to incorporate an API from scratch into a project. But, with a lot of research and determination, we were able to get our API to work.

We are high school students striving for better communities within the Bay Area, so we decided to make a website dedicated to doing just that.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Facebook.