exploring cultures

Hai Lin, Jackelen, Phoebe, Kiara

Inspired by our peers, our group created a project where we explored different the cultures in numerous cities surrounding the Bay Area. The girls in our classroom each come from very ethnic backgrounds. Thus, we felt that culture was an important aspect of life, and that it should be celebrated and embraced. Our website provides you with a ton information revolving around each major Bay Area city.

People aren't aware of the diversity around the Bay Area or don't know much about each culture.

Our website was designed to provide more information so people can learn about the numerous cultures around them. We gave users stores, cultural events coming up, the best restaurants, etc.

We had trouble with a lot of the formatting. Some of the cities websites had different formatting than others, so we had to go through and see what was different than one another.

"excellent work"

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Workday.