Find people who share your musical talent.

Sonja, Rita, Abigail, Molly

Bander's goal is to connect musician's of any skill level in order to create a band or a group that can jam out together. The website allows musicians to create accounts and search for other musicians.

People need band members, but cannot find any in real life.

Making a searchable archive of musicians that is available on a website.

We faced many challenges when connecting the website to the database. Crowdsourcing and gathering resources helped us overcome our issues.

"I've always felt like I was inadequate until I discovered Bander. I feel as if I'm part of a close-knit musical community now. Because of Bander, I have found my musical soulmates." - Shriya

Meet the four loud girls who made this website.

Abigail – The quintessential piece to the Bander team. Without Abigail, our team would’ve gotten absolutely nothing done, and been all over the place. She is the reason that we have anything at all to showcase. On top of keeping our team grounded, Abigail is the brains behind our website’s most important page- the browsing page; and she is the reason our website is interactive in any sense. We’re incredibly thankful for her piles of intricate notes, specific direction, and keeping all our insane team members on track.

Molly – The style genius of the Bander team. She’s worked her CSS and HTML magic on every page on Bander. She will make anything look nice. Molly is the reason why everything on Bander is not making your eyeballs bleed. She has also helped out other groups with their CSS. Her web design skills are not ending here. Get ready to see other websites profiling Molly’s modeling, acting, etc. talents.

Rita is the moodmaker of the Bander team. She keeps everyone positive with her motto “It’s gonna be fine, guys.” In addition to keeping everyone’s spirits up, Rita is the Firebase (the database that contains all of Bander’s users) master. She pretends like she knows nothing about it, but she’ll find a way to help you. Rita’s main task was creating the log-in page. She has helped out on so many other things like loading the profile page and troubleshooting in general.

Sonja – The original idea of Bander came from this girl. Without her, Bander would never be the beautiful thing that it is today. Sonja was tasked with making the Create a Profile page and she made it amazing. Because of her experience with the Create a Profile page, she has become the resident expert in drop down menus and forms. She’s also really good with dictionaries by the way. Sonja has come up with many alternative names for Bander, highlights include: Whole Notes, Musical Soulmates, and uHarmony.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (Seattle).