Tsemaye O, Hallie R, Anna W, Avery T, Rebeccah P

We built a website that people can use to find jobs and types of certifications for jobs through our database created by SQL and JSON. The website was designed using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Our project targets undeserved communities so they can find jobs.

Atlanta is the 3rd fastest growing Metropolis in the nation, but unfortunately ranks 6th in the nation for the highest number of unsheltered people. Therein lies the issue we are passionately advocating for: we want to change the narrative of those who feel like they are "falling through the cracks".

Unfortunately, we are not all born equal and given the same opportunities, and it can be strenuous to search the web for a desired job listing. Thus, it is our mission with Band 2 Benefit to centralize these job listings and other educational opportunities, while also increasing awareness about alternative career paths and options.

Some members of the team faced the task of learning SQL, a database language, which we did not learn during the program. Other members structured the website and worked to combine all codes into an efficient website.

"I like the story behind your project, it connects with many people."

We want to provide a resource for people who are down on their luck to find a job, study a skill, and research schools. We aim to provide quick access to valuable resources, so people can spend less time looking for help and more time taking back control of their life.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GE (Atlanta).