Make life a little less stressful.

Jaiden M, Debbie S, Naina A, Madeline B

The web-app we designed will be simple and aesthetically calming/appealing in a sense to relax the student. It will organize the students homework and activities after school into an orderly and straightforward schedule.

The problem that we’re trying to solve is the imbalance between homework and a student’s social life. Many students, particularly in high school and college, get overwhelmed with the workload given from their teachers and have difficulty trying to balance both, work and social life.

We plan to offer students a balanced and customizable schedule with recommended breaks in between. It is important to live without too much stress as well as to have balance between their work and social life.

We had a struggle creating a database for user input. As a solution, we instead hardcoded a way for it to show the homework assignments and how long you should work on it.

"I think it's innovative and completely relevant. Students are young and need to be free, not stressing out all day about how long they'll take to write notes about what Henry VII did and his accomplishments when there's a soccer game in 2 hours. This [web-app] will definitely make a difference in a student's life"

Our group consists of young innovative and diverse women who want to make awareness to concerning issues that happen around the world.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at GE (Bay Area).