BakeSub: The Baking Substitutions Converter

BakeSub: The Baking Substitutions Converter

A website which finds exact amounts of alternative ingredients for you to use based on your input.


The Baking Substitutions Converter, or BakeSub for short, was created to help make baking with alternate ingredients easier. The user simply inputs what ingredient they lack, and how much of it they needed, and BakeSub returns a list of exact amounts of substitute ingredients which could be used in place of the original ingredient. For example, you could enter in what ingredient you want to substitute (example: butter), and how much (example: 4 tablespoons), and BakeSub would give you an alternate of 3 tablespoons of vegetable oil.

Before BakeSub, there wasn't an easy way to calculate how much, and what, of an ingredient to substitute if you don't have it and are in the middle of baking.

I created a website which easily gives the user options based on their input, without the hassle of looking up options and doing the math by themselves.

A problem I faced was trying to make the code unbreakable: it kept returning an erroneous line instead of the "else" statement I put to cover all other inputs I didn't code with.

Hey! I’m a rising junior at Hunter College High School in Manhattan, New York City. Besides exploring my newfound interest in coding, I’m also an avid baker (as you’d assume from this project) and writer.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Moodys (NYC).