Join us in the movement so girls can Keep Calm and School On

Holia O, Vaish D, Sophia M

“Badbaadaan” means “Survive” in Somali. We picked this name because 95% of girls between ages 7-16 in Somalia do not receive an education. BADAABAAN-Survive is a mobile/web app that is intended to bring awareness of female education around the world by exposing our users to the sufferings and challenges other girls face. Donations are collected through app to improve education for underprivileged girls.

Although many people understand that girls aren’t getting an education by reading websites and watching the news, they are not aware of the things happening around them and they do not truly understand how it feels to be a girl in a developing country. To promote donations, we need to make sure our users understand how it feels to be a girl in an underprivileged country who are deprived of a proper education.

Through the game, we are exposing our users to the challenges girls face. The user will play the game in a setting that models schools in other countries. As the character in the game survives through high school, the user will encounter several challenges that will model the difficulties that girls face in underprivileged countries. The game will also contain in-app purchases, direct donations, and advertisements and the money from these will be sent to charities all around the world.

We were unable to make our game look appealing. Also, the game did not fit in all screens when we downloaded the game onto our phones, the screen picture was either too big or small. To fix these problems, we used css and bootstrap. The game became much more appealing and the buttons and the screen looked much prettier.

A game to change the face of girls education

Holia, a junior, Vaishnavi, a senior, and Sophia, a junior, met during the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program 2016. While collaborating upon what we must do for the Final Project, we came across the Built By Girls Challenge to change the face of girls education. Since we were excited to help girls receive an education all around the world, we decided to create a app/game to help raise money to build schools and promote girls education for our final project.



This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Verizon (Newark #2).