Save the animals, get woke, and play a game!

Caedi S, Narges T, Estephanie A, Catherine M

We created the website "" (currently still an HTML file) to raise awareness for endangered species by explaining their importance, giving options on how you can help, and playing a game. The site combines ideas from other conservationist sites, such as WWF, and is a resource for those looking to donate as well. The game we made was created through a 2D game editor, Defold, to add user engagement and fun to our site.

Endangered species are dying out unnaturally, and it affects the ecosystem as a whole.

We created a simpler site for people to become informed and donate to endangered animals by linking them to other sites. We also created a game to add user engagement and keep people coming back to visit our site.

We had trouble creating the game in Defold as it used a new programming language, Lua. Therefore, we had to base our game along a tutorial and quickly learn the ropes of Defold so that we could implement it into our website.

"It looks so professional!"

Hi! We are four girls from the Bay Area who are passionate about coding and saving our environment! Narges is a rising senior at Cal High, Estephanie and Catherine are rising seniors at San Jose High, and Caedi is a rising junior at Prospect High.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Cadence BAY.