One step at a time, let's help each other!

Whitney H, Amanda B, Kimberly V, Emma S

"Assisting the Globe" is designed to help those in need. We want to help people of which society usually considers low class or a minority. Whether it be helping the homeless, to helping foster youth, to simply having artwork auctioned off for donations to help support these organizations, our team’s goal is to help bring assistance to anyone in need.

Homeless people need a way to provide for themselves on the streets. Foster youth need a place to belong and a family where they can get the assistance they need. To support these organizations, funds are needed to run them.

To put simply, homeless people need money and the environment needs cleaning. We came up with a program to help homeless people earn some profit by cleaning the environment. This not only helps homeless people and the environment, but it also benefits animals around the community. With a decrease in trash, animals are less likely to mistaken garbage as food.

In addition to this program, we also have a Foster Youth page included in our website. By providing a community for foster youth to thrive in, we can assure that they will have a safe environment for them to be themselves. Through this website, we also linked places where people can volunteer to help these causes.

Lastly, our website includes a Donations page. Since our main topic is about helping people, we thought that in order for these organizations to thrive, they are going to need the funds. Art is something that is almost everywhere and that a majority of people use to express themselves. By auctioning original art pieces made by the public, we can create a budget for the previous two organizations, as well as other organizations in need of funding. The way we set this up also lets the public help with our cause. They can donate their own art as well to be auctioned.

Teamwork was something we, as a group, struggled with. At first, we could not agree on a topic, the styles of the website, and other little tweaks within the project. Before and during the creation of our project, we had to talk things out thoroughly. We had to set aside our differences and work on the project as a whole. For example, we only talked to each other if it was about the project, with no other side conversations. That allowed us to stay on task, especially without any unnecessary drama.

"Very organized!"

"I love what you guys stand for."

We are girls who want to make a difference in the world. We can envision how we want to impact the world with our work. Assisting the globe is our mission. We want to give back to our world and give everybody an opportunity to be a part of our mission.

Our main focus is on homeless people and fostering youth. We also provide information for those with rare diseases. We have art work for auction, of which all profits will go to helping other organizations in need of charity and donations. Together, we can impact our planet in a big way, one step at a time.

Amanda B. (About me is on the website) – Created Helping the Homeless tab

Kimberly V. (About me is on the website) – Created Foster Youth tab

Whitney H. I am an incoming senior at Alhambra High School. I want to pursue a career in animation and technology. For this project, I was in charge of the Home page and the Donations page. I tried to incorporate some artwork in the project as well.

Emma S. I am junior at Shearim Tora High School. I am undecided as to what career I want to pursue. I was in charge of the Rare Diseases page on this project.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at USC Marshall (LOS).