Never leave important things at home again!

Kelby S, Julia C

Arduino Alerts uses an RFID reader/writer module and shield attached to Arduino Uno to help forgetful people. The user of the system wears a user RFID tag, and can tag things they don't want to forget with "item tags" The code uploaded to the module runs and first checks for a user ID, then checks for the corresponding item tags. If the item tags are not found within a certain amount of time, an alarm is set off.

Forgetting things as you leave the houseis a very big issue, specifically for people who are on a tight schedule. That extra five or ten minutes in the morning to get back into the house or apartment can more or less ruin an entire day. In order to combat this, we’ve created a product we call Arduino Alerts.

Using RFID technology, we were able to make a device that will set off an alarm if you forget something as you’re walking out the door. We programmed an RFID reader to scan for a user id tag and two other specific item tags, which can be attached to things that you don’t want to forget. If the reader can’t find all three tags within a set amount of time, an audible alarm will be set off.

The biggest challenge we faced with this project was definitely programming the reader. We had never worked with this type of hardware or the RFID programming commands before, so learning the syntax of the library we used was difficult. We had a starter code, but we didn’t know how to modify it to make it do what we wanted. Byte arrays and other data types were necessary to the program, but we didn’t know how to deal with the errors using them produced.

Kelby was brand new to coding when she started the Girls Who Code program. She enjoys playing the saxophone, going to concerts, hanging out with friends, and has a new found .love of coding.

Before Girls Who Code, Julia had worked with several different coding languages, including Python and JavaScript. She enjoys swimming and reading in her free time.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Expedia.