Anna R, Mariia P, Hannah J, Lynzley K

We created "Arctic Adventure" for our final project, which is dedicated to raising awareness about how global warming and climate change impact polar bears. It is a web-based game that is both interactive and informative. Our users can play a fun, simple game and learn about what they can do to make a positive impact on the lives of polar bears around the world. Currently, our game features a polar bear navigating a field of ice and attempting to catch seals; the website also has an Information page for what everyone can do to help. We hope to raise awareness about the danger that extinction poses to polar bears if treatment of the environment does not change.

To hunt, polar bears travel out from the solid pack ice of the Arctic to fields of thin sea ice. Polar bears use sea ice as a hunting ground to catch Arctic seals that are surfacing for air. Climate change has resulted in a loss of sea ice in the Arctic. With the amount of Arctic sea ice decreasing, polar bears are struggling to find enough food to survive. They must travel farther into the ocean to find sea ice and seals, which results in them burning more calories and risking starvation. Sometimes, polar bears are forced to swim for days before they can find food, and many drown from exhaustion as a result. Unless we do something, global polar bear populations will continue to diminish until they become extinct.

Since we couldn’t possibly solve the dangers of global warming in two weeks, we created "Arctic Adventure". The website is a mix of useful information and an educational game. Our project raises awareness about global warming and provides options for people to alter their ways to prevent further suffering of polar bears. We decided that raising awareness is the best way to start catalyzing change for polar bears before it is too late.

There were various challenges we encountered as we advanced through our project. It was necessary to overcome those problems as we progressed.

One major problem that we had was adding user controls based on keyboard events. To overcome this challenge, we looked at various internet tutorials and asked our amazing Girls Who Code teachers, Amber, Sofia, and Elena, for help. Our group persevered and continued to think of innovative ways to envision the game functions.

"This is a cute and inspiring website!"

We are a group of high school students from the Greater Seattle Area. Our group was interested in making a game, and we decided together that embedding it on an informative website would add to its impact. To make our final project, we used HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Our game graphics were created in Adobe Photoshop, and we all contributed to the game and web development. We are very proud of our work!

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (Seattle).