The greatest polar bear platformer ever.

Fiona S, Nadine W, Salina Z, Jasmine Z

Arctic Adventures is a platformer game with a polar bear, snow petrel, and a reindeer for main characters. The player used their unique abilities to move through levels. In the plot, the three friends have all had family members die from the evil "Crab Corps", a group of crabs mining for oil in the arctic and producing CO2 emissions. Though mostly lighthearted, the game nods to big, real life issues of invasive species (European Green Crab) and climate change.

Dialogue between Petra and the protagonist, Zacharias.
Protagonist Zacharias in the first level, defeating the enemies, the crabs.
Each character has a different ability, and Petra can glide while Zach can attack enemies and Stan can jump higher. Defeat the game using these abilities!

The problem is that human activity is changing the climate and balance of the planet. CO2 and other greenhouse gasses that we emit into the atmosphere act as a blanket, trapping heat and warming the planet. This causes ice to melt, which is a very big problem for creatures that live on the ice, such as polar bears. Polar bears were the first marine mammal to be put on the endangered species list due primarily to climate change. Another way humans affect the environment is by spreading invasive species. Forty two percent of the species on the endangered species list are endangered because of an invasive species introduced to the area.

To add to that, much of the public is misinformed about climate change, and unaware of the impact of invasive species.

We are addressing this problem by spreading awareness. People can play a fun game and at the same time as learning about arctic species and the dangers they face from global warming.

We build our game using Unity, and none of the members of our team had used it before. It was difficult to learn how to do everything we wanted to do in the program. Through tutorials and much googling, we became familiar with the program and successfully built a 2D platformer game.

"Arctic Adventures changed my life." -Sonja

Four girls at Root Sports posing for photo?

We are a team of four girls at the 2017 AT&T session of GirlsWhoCode’s Summer Immersion Program.

Fiona is a digital art master who is both a living meme generator and a top-notch violinist.
Nadine is secretly the pirate of the cyberseas with her photoshop skills and is passionate about marine biology.
Salina is a soon-to-be-retired black belt and will someday raise a family of cats instead of kids.
​Jasmine is a coding god who has absolutely zero qualms about making weird jokes.

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Visit our website to find out more about us and information about climate change:

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (Seattle).