Sit back, relax and be RELIEVED.

Alexandra B, Ericka D, Steph P, Justine P

For our final project, we decided to focus on anxiety. Millions of people all over the world have anxiety, so we wanted to make a website that would be soothing to the user. Our website has two exercises, "Slideshow" and "Breathing Exercise" to help the user relieve their anxiety. We also included relaxing nature sounds, so the user can listen to the sounds if they choose to while they are doing the exercises.

About 40 million people have anxiety and it can be very difficult to cope with, if the individual does not know how to deal with their anxiety.

This website is meant for people who have anxiety and need a way to cope with it, so they can get on with their day. Anxiety is like a weight that does not go away, it usually tends to stay, so we wanted this website to relieve some of that weight.

We faced some technical challenges when we were trying to make the "Inhale" and the "Exhale" change interchangeably because we wanted the code to be in a "forever" loop, so the code would go on forever, but it would crash the page. We found another way to somewhat achieve what we wanted the code to do, but it will only run the code a certain amount of times.

I’m Alexandra. I’m 16 years old and I’m a rising Junior. My interests are technology, digital art, photography, Sims 2, GWC, ASL, etc.

This is Steph and I’m a rising Junior, I’m also skeptical about putting my information out there, so that’s all you’re gonna get from me.

I’m Justine and I’m a rising Junior; I hope to study biology and possibly also computer science in the future.

I’m Ericka Derose. I’m 16 years year old turning 17 in October. I’m a rising Junior. I love to act.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Moodys (NYC).