clear your mind, be free

Christina N., Hanaya M., Louisa B., Megha G.

Anxiety Diary is an innovative simple tool to help teens track their anxiety. With a daily diary entry that syncs to a calendar, it makes it easy to identify anxiety patterns such as whether certain activities or places makes the user anxious. Another feature on our site is a sidebar which links to other resources. Some things included are meditation videos, exercises and motivating quotes.

One in five teens struggle with anxiety disorder. However, many of them lack the resources they need to help them cope with their symptoms. As a result, many of them turn to apps as an alternative. Unfortunately, many of these apps are either expensive or lack any user specialization.

As teens ourselves, we know what teens need and look for. To assist teens with their anxiety disorder, we created a website where they can both write and track their progress. Writing down their emotions can help relieve stress and the calendar organizes the thoughts of the user. Eventually, overtime, the user will be able to visibly see their anxiety patterns on the calendar.

Over the course of the project, we encountered multiple problems. The first problem we faced was being able to create a login and sign up page to give our users privacy. We overcame this by using the platform Firebase which stored the user's username and password. Another problem we encountered was linking our Google Form to our Google Calendar. To overcome this problem, we used Zapier. Zapier allows the diary entries to be saved as events on the calendar.

"Great solution to something so many people struggle with on a daily basis...Will definitely be using!" - Morgan T.

Group Photo

We are a diverse group of girls from all over the world. Hanaya is a rising junior from the Caribbean, Mega, a rising senior is from New Jersey and both Christina, a rising junior and Louisa, a rising senior come from New York City.

Megha enjoys running and is on the cross country team. Louisa likes playing soccer and is on her school’s soccer team. Christina enjoys hiking and reading about psychology. Hanaya swims whether competitively or with her friends at the beach. She also likes to read non-fiction novels.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AppNexus.