Spilling the tea on anxiety.

Brittany H, Imani W, Alexis VW, Elizabeth P, Candace J

AnxieTea was founded to help people better understand and deal with this wide-spread illness. Here at AnxieTea, we are dedicated in aiding all those affected by anxiety - those with the mental illness and those close to them as well. We work to provide a multitude of resources that allow people to identify with the actual experience of having anxiety and educate themselves on the illness itself. By doing this, we hope to fulfill our goal of helping friends and family improve how they assist their loved ones work through the difficult symptoms of anxiety.

We understand that anxiety, both the experience and how it can affect one’s life, is a huge problem. Although there are a multitude of resources for people with anxiety, there is not a website that complies them all in one place. We also realized that it is often difficult to to help people with anxiety if you do not truly understand the experience of it.

We compiled an abundance of resources about dealing with anxiety, created a page to help calm people with anxiety, added a multitude of features to help people understand the experience of anxiety, and made a forum to help create a caring and sharing community.

We couldn’t figure out how to develop a forum directly in our html document without a server. So, instead we ended up finding a way to outsource one and attach it to the tab bar in our html document. Now, users can openly communicate with each other to help create an open community that helps each other where they can.

“AnxieTea is proud to provide the resources needed to help alleviate the experiences of anxiety.”

Our group consists of a total of six people. We are a combination of juniors and seniors and five of us attend local Chicago-land area schools. One of our members, Alexis, traveled all the way from South Dakota in order to attend the Summer Immersion Program. We are involved in a multitude of activities and programs, but this is the first time that any of us have participated in the Summer Immersion Program. We are all proud to to have created something so beneficial in such a short time.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Microsoft (Chicago).