A website to connect others besed on music interests

Helena H., Samantha F., Bella M., Samantha R., Dharynka T.

Music is an important cultural element of our daily lives. Our website gives Spotify users an opportunity to connect with each other and find new music made by other users. With AMP, people can be introduced to playlists that are made by humans, not computers.

Music is played to express meaning to the listener. When music is being given to a user through a computer, it takes away the expressive purpose of music.

AMP give that more personal and meaningful experience back to the listener by showing playlists that were created by other users.

It was difficult to create an algorithm that could match up users based on songs within a playlist. We overcame this problem by asking questions and researching.

"Wow, I'd never be able to do that, and it's something that I'd personally consider using."

We are a strong group of young women who share a passion for music and believe in equal opportunities.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Boyle Heights LA.