American Sign Language (ASL) Game

Alishah I, Sandra L, Karolina B, Dawn M

We realized that people with disabilities were not getting enough recognition, so we decided to put some light on this issue through our game. We built this American Sign Language game as a fun way for people to learn and understand the process people with disabilities encounter on a daily basis. Through Scratch, we were able to work together as a group to highlight this issue.

People with disabilities do not receive enough recognition for the everyday struggles they have to endure. Also, people without disabilities are not as informed on what the daily lives of people with disabilities is like.

Through Scratch and this ASL game, awareness is on the rise!

One thing that was difficult about working on this project for the four of us was the merging of our ideas and the individual games we developed. As a team, we learned to overcome these challenges by remembering and understanding that there is no “I” in “Team”. With this, we took the initiative to be persistent, which created a great motivation for us to work together.

We are a group of four who work extremely hard to successfully execute our ideas, just like we did with this game.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Kate Spade.