Quizzes, Games, Animations and Information about Pets for Animal Lovers

Teresa B., Mya B., Chaiya H., Amira M., Evan M., Sicily M., Ariona B.

A series of information pages, quizzes, and games/animations about pets (cats & dogs) aimed at animal lovers.

There was a local issue regarding if certain breeds of dogs should be allowed in the city. The girls decided to focus on Pets because of this.

By showing that Pets are great.

Just knowing how to code and create some of the items the girls wanted to add. We added focused learning on basic HTML and CSS to help them get the website started.

Lakewood Public Library Girls Who Code Club for the Fall 2017 session met 12 times and worked on learning HTML & CSS along with doing the Unplugged Core 4 activities and activity sets while working on their CS Impact Project on pets.  They also had a guest speaker – founder & creater of Perihug, Xyla Foxlin.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Club students at Lakewood Public Library.