Alight: More than just a light!

Yesenia L, Nadia S, Zoe C, Dorothy N

Alight is connected through Bluetooth to your phone and lights up in a certain pattern based on the notification being received. Though targeted mainly towards the hearing impaired, Alight can be used by anyone.

More than often, we put our phones on silent because the situation calls for it, and we miss important notifications that require our immediate attention.

Alight is a device that alerts users of notifications through a visual interface as opposed to through an audial interface.

One of the major issues in our project was getting our Bluetooth module to work. We've tried looking at multiple guides to help us, but we haven't had any success. Due to time constraints, we had to exclude the Bluetooth feature from the final product.

"This product is so useful!" -Amelia C.

We’re the hardware group. The only hardware group. We aspire to form a rap group called Bubble Wrappers. For now, we’re just high school students who want to create a device that will light up your world.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Moodys (NYC).