Collect comrades and avoid obstacles while facing discrimination

Yessenia C., Marielle C., Lyca M., Tina T.

For our final project we created a game on Unity that addresses discrimination. We also created a website that goes more in depth on the message behind our game.

We created a game to address the recent cases of police brutality and discrimination that we saw on the news and on social media. The problem is seven out of ten adults experience discrimination and we're not making much progress on lessening it. What saddens us most is that bullying in school has been getting worse wherein 49% of children from grades 4-12 are getting bullied.

We created a game meant for children so that it exposes them to the psychological effects of making mean, discriminatory comments to someone just because they look different. Our targeted audience is children because children are influenced by adults and other children. We're hoping that if children learn about discrimination at a young age, discrimination wouldn't be as prevalent in the next generation.

We wanted to create a game but didn't want to use Scratch because we didn't really like using Scratch during the first week of Girls Who Code. Our teacher told us about using Unity, so we decided to give it a try. In the beginning we knew nothing about Unity and our teachers couldn't really help us with it because they have never used it before. We watched tutorials and read forums and figured it out on our own. That was the most challenging part of our project.

"I like how the target user was specific and emphasized" - Vasanthi

We are a group of four unique individuals who met at the Summer Immersion Program located in Adobe Emeryville. None of us has coded before starting Girls Who Code. Now after being part of Girls Who Code, all of us have gained interest in the Computer Science field.

You can view the project here.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Adobe (Emeryville).