A community of AP students helping each other succeed by sharing notes.

Odette Y, Rachel J, Tara C

This app creates a network of AP students who share notes and help each other out. Students upload their own notes for their courses under the class file folder and they can access notes that other students uploaded as well. This free and accessible information is key to a friendly community in which each and every student can benefit from.

Many students today have busy schedules after school because of extra curricular activities and family related responsibilities. In most AP classes, students are required to complete a heavy load of reading and note-taking in preparation for their next class. At times, the reading and note-taking can take up to several hours. Staying up late to finish one's homework only results to unhealthy, sleep deprived minds and bodies.

In order to lessen the stress of homework and their work load, we, Advanced Procrastinator, have created the app to encourage students to help each other and work together so that all can succeed and become more intelligent students. Through our app, students who are taking AP classes can refer to other student's hand written notes and utilize them as study material. We have programmed it so that students can come together and build a supportive community for these challenging courses.

Proto.io was a program that we were unfamiliar with so it took us a while to get used to it and work with. While using proto.io, we had to do a lot of problem-solving to get our app to function the way that we wanted it to. In the end, the buttons, tabs, and features all run smoothly.

Hi! We’re a group of girls who are passionate about creating a resource to help fellow high schoolers like us. Rachel and Odette are seniors and Tara is a junior. We are all students who have taken AP classes and understand the intensity of the workload each class has.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Lockheed Martin - Grace Hopper.