"Activ8" the youth of America

Catalina A, Sofia A, Jessica D, Alexandra M

"Activ8" helps kids stay healthy by educating them about nutrition and exercise. We’ve added features to make the website accessible to more people, including a map that displays grocery stores near you and a translation tool.

Obesity is a pressing issue in the United States, yet it is constantly being overlooked. Most people who are obese as adults were also obese as children. One of the reasons that kids are not staying active is because most are locked up in their rooms playing video games or watching TV. We wanted to change the way technology hindered their ability to "Activ8" their behaviors to do something that would propel their desire to be fit and healthy.

After researching different programs that worked to resolve this issue, we found that none of them were truly effective because they catered to adults. The programs were designed for parents, by parents. We believe that in order to truly connect and make an impact on kids, the program needs to be designed for kids. This way, not only will children be more encouraged to stay healthy, but they will also gain a sense of responsibility that will transfer into adulthood. Therefore, we included an Education section, Workout section, and Food section, all on one website to get every aspect of a workout application and an education platform.

Here at "Activ8", we recognize the lack of fun, interactive, and child-friendly resources for kids. We focused our program on children by making exercises that will engage them, creating recipes that children will enjoy and can make themselves, and making the program easy enough for them to use. We want to integrate "Activ8" into schools in order to reach more kids. If students are signed up for this program, more kids will be encouraged to take what they learn inside the classroom and use it in the outside world.

We truly believe that our program is unique because of its focus on children and added applications that would previously only be seen in adult-centered programs. If we were to continue developing this website, we would expand our free workout clinics and cooking classes. We realize that another factor of obesity is accessibility to the expensive costs of healthy foods; therefore, we would like to add free cooking classes that will teach children how to make healthy food on a budget, as well as free workout clinics that will allow children to gather in the community to play fun group games.

Incorporating features that we had not used before, such as an interactive quiz, was part of our challenge. This required JavaScript in addition to HTML and CSS, which we had little experience with. Through research and the help of our teachers, we were able to overcome these challenges and include these features.

We are girls from the Los Angeles region, and were put together in a group because of our interest in health and collective passion to make a practical change in our community. We believe in the educational and awareness aspect of a cause, but we also wanted to create something that was proactive; that was when we discovered the name for our website, Activ8. We wanted a program that would actively make a change, just as we want the kids of America to stay healthy.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at USC Marshall (LOS).