Learn ways to participate in social issues and become an ally for all communities.

Fariha R, Juliya H, Antonine N, Julianna B

We started this project by combining our passions and ideas to create "ActiFist". It’s very important to us to be accepting of marginalized communities, so we wanted to make a website to help other people stay open-minded, too.

With the rise of social issues and movements, people can be ill-informed and have difficulties staying updated on the latest news.

Through the development of our website, we made it easier for users to get involved in all types of social issues. Our website includes a personalized Twitter feed that allows users to quickly access and stay updated on social movements. It also has an interactive world map where you can see different problems around the globe. Additionally, our website has a Get Involved page where you can find out ways to donate, volunteer, and participate in rallies.

The four of us worked on different tasks and it was difficult to integrate our code to each others. We overcame this technical problem by troubleshooting our code repeatedly as a group and asking our peers for assistance.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Software.org - The BSA Foundation.