Take Action!

Mya G, Sammy R, Sekinat A

A mobile Android app that serves to give information and links to resources for social issues. Our target audience is teenagers, as they are the new generation that will help fight for the integrity of often attacked social groups. ACT10N allows teens to get involved in politics and social justice, often overlooked in the traditional media or classroom setting.

The problem is the often misinterpreted, misleading information or lack of awareness of social issues such as immigration or LGBTQ among adolescents.

We are addressing this issue by creating a friendly, easy-to-navigate mobile Android app that teenagers can download to that they are aware of these issues, as well as feel like they are making a change through online petitions.

A technical problem we faced was the inability to work together on our project as the website on which we built our app did not have a feature for multiple authors/programmers. We overcame this issue by creating one group account, accessing it all at once on our computers, and assigning pages to each person so that the program wouldn't malfunction due to different computers changing features on a single page.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (L.A.).