Explore the world from A to B!

Kaylee K., Cristina C., and Emily C.

In the game A2B, users explore cities, monuments, and historical sites around the world. The game could be used in classrooms to demonstrate the real landscapes of places being studied. A2B allows individuals to explore the streets of Washington D.C., Paris, and London from the comfort of their home.

Originally, A2B was based on the fact that new drivers don’t know how to navigate around the area where they will soon be driving on their own. For example, many are unable to name major roads, highways, and important landmarks. Reliance on GoogleMaps is a distraction while driving. This idea was later rethought because the sprawl of the Round Rock/Austin area caused such a delay in the game that it took far too long to complete a level. Instead of working to increase geography knowledge in one specific area, the game now allows users to explore the world.

To address this problem, we created a game in which the goal is to travel from Point A to Point B. To do this, users navigate the GoogleMaps 'pegman' by using the arrow keys. To make our game, we coded in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We utilized the GoogleMaps API as well as Bootstrap front-end framework. We used map view and street view side-by-side, with markers to distinguish start and end points, as well as a polyline that tracks where Pegman walks.

The first challenge we encountered was figuring out how the player would move around the maps using their arrow keys. We later realized that this feature was already built in to GoogleMaps' 'Pegman.' We also struggled with getting the Pegman to draw a polyline showing where he's traveled. We solved this problem by posting a question on StackOverflow, where we got the answer we needed from an account called "GeocodeZip."

SO SWEET!!! -Aish

 Kaylee is a junior. She founded and leads a non-profit organization, and has written for several publications. In the future she hopes to study transportation engineering and computer science. 

Cristina is a junior. She is currently the president of the Environmental Science Organization and the secretary of her class. This year, she and a friend are starting a school newspaper.

Emily is a senior from. She is the Executive Editor of her school’s student press, the Experience Design co-lead for the TEDxYouth@Austin team, and the Chief Marketing Officer of a non-profit organization dedicated to teaching elementary school students the basics of coding.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Barlovento - RR.