Raise Awareness to Women's Health

Michelle C, Thialal F, Talia J, Somya T

A Woman's Web was designed to connect women in discussion on women's health issues, like pregnancies, abortions, and menstrual cycles. Our website features a help desk, diet and exercise tips, mental health tests, and a gallery. A Woman's Web is a virtual resource that aims to assist women in all age ranges in their health questions.

Many women around the world don’t have the help they need to live healthy lives because they don’t have the resources to know how to take care of themselves.

We created a Woman’s Web to unite women across the web with common feminine problems. At A Woman’s Web, we aim to establish a place for women to connect and communicate with one another. In addition to uniting people, we strive to educate individuals on feminine situations like pregnancies, abortions, and menstrual health. Through HTML and CSS coding, the group created a final website to bring awareness.

Many problems arose within our group as we began the project because we didn’t know where to start. In addition, when we created the first version of our website, it was not praised by our peers. Taking the feedback, we redesigned our whole website using more CSS elements and made it more pleasing to the eye. This took longer than we expected, but our group worked together to get it done.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Synchrony.