It's more than a robot, it's your friend.

Karla P., Mariana H., Destiny E.

A.R.I. stands for achieving, reaching, and inventing. A.R.I. is an educational, gender neutral robot for children who are just starting off in their educational careers. Our targeted age group is between 3 and 5, however, A.R.I is useful for anyone who is looking to learn the basics of education. A.R.I was designed for all users, including those who have learning disabilities. For example, those who have social anxiety and ADHD can also learn with A.R.I.

Many toys aren't developed for all types of learning. Toys that are on the market currently, have no way to check to see if the user is following along or learning the material correctly. Most toys are also designed to teach one subject, instead of giving different options. Today's society is advancing more and more towards technology but the toys remain the same throughout the years.

A.R.I. addresses these problems by checking for user input throughout the different activities. Answering with the wrong answer will prompt A.R.I to ask the user to try again. No answer, however, prompts A.R.I to play a distraction sound to call attention to the user. As soon as the user responds, A.R.I. will ask the user if he/she wants to move on to a different activity or continue. It also includes additional features such as the hokey pokey, stories and establishes a personal connection with the user by asking a series of questions making A.R.I. as friendly as possible.

BitVoicer was one of our biggest technical problems that we faced because it was a brand new software that we haven't seen or used before. Since it isn't widely used, there wasn't a sufficient amount of instruction that we could find on the internet which made it a trial and error process.

"We should design technology with everyone in mind rather than designing specifically for a targeted audience"

The A.R.I. group consists of Karla, Mariana, and Destiny who are still in high school. Karla is currently a senior, Mariana is a senior, and Destiny is a junior. In the future, Karla plans to pursue a STEM-related career. Mariana wants to pursue a major in Computer Engineering. Destiny wants to go into the medical field.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at Microsoft (Chicago).