”Companies sponsor, individuals choose”

Emma L., Caylynne T., Emma R., Melady B.

50 Cent is a corporation-sponsored charity website that allows consumers to donate to their favorite charities with money that they win through a trivia game. People will be able to become more involved and aware of charity causes because they will be making a difference with money that companies donate.

Our group realized that there are very few charity sites focused on allowing any individual to donate, regardless of if they actually have the money. Many people would love the chance to learn about a cause, donate towards it, and then promote it, but they can not due to monetary restrictions. We wanted to find a way to allow anyone to donate, as long as they put the time and effort in to learn about a charity.

The idea of 50 Cent was to allow the public to choose and support the charity recipients of large corporations. This way, individuals could still contribute to their favorite causes without the restraints of income, and companies could consistently be helping the charitable causes that their consumer base is interested in.

One technical solution was creating a user database that created and tracked individual profiles without the standard use of MySQL. Instead we followed a Django based tutorial, and with the help of our TAs, we adapted it to fit the needs of our website.

Emma L. is a rising high school senior, and she would like to pursue electrical engineering and computer science.

Caylynne T. is a rising high school senior, and she hopes to build upon her experiences at GWC by studying computer science.

Melady B. is a rising high school junior, and she hopes to continue to excel in track and field throughout college.

Kate R. is a rising high school senior, and she is interested in pursuing math and computer science.

This project was made by Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program students at AT&T (D.C.).