Created by Alayiah, Ella, Emily, Jillian, Maddi, and MiKenzie.

We wanted to do a coding project that increased awareness of endangered animals because we all love animals.  We designed our apps using’s App Lab.  Then we each created a profile “About Me” page for our app to explain why we chose our animal and to tell you a little more about us.


Many species of animals around the world are endangered.  Some face threats from poachers, loss of habitat, climate change, or pollution.



We created these apps to entertain you while you learn more about an endangered animal and how it is threatened.  Then you’ll have a better idea of what you can do to take these animals off the endangered list.

We started the project in Scratch, but when they upgraded to Scratch 3.0, we lost some of our work.  Also, we ran into some bugs.  So we switched to making our games using the App Lab in  We had to learn JavaScript and a different way designing our games and screens.